Selected Past Exhibits


:: April 2011:  “Behind the Painted Smiles” at the Violethour Gallery in the Magoski Art Colony in Fullerton, California (225 Santa Fe, Fullerton, California. 714-441-1504) Thank you Candace and Michael for allowing me to hang on your walls.

:: May 2010: “Almas Serenas” (Serene Souls) at the Gallery/Studio of Fr. Bill Moore, SS.CC. in the Pomona Arts Colony . Thank you Father Moore for making it possible. 

:: November 23, 2009- Lecture on my work and the creative process for the the Fine Art department of Santa Ana College.

:: October 1, 2009 – November 11, 2009 – “The Artists of Art Forum” at the Santa Ana College Main Art Gallery. This was a group show with some of the country’s most extraordinary artists including Brian Cooper, Ed Giardina, Dennis Hare, Richard Johnson, Douglas McCulloh, Kim Myung-Jin, Chris Natrop, Jeff Netzer and Peggy Zask.

:: September 10-13, 2009, judge for the Fifty-Seventh Annual Bench and Bar Art Exhibit presented in conjunction with the California State Bar Association’s Annual Meeting in San Diego, California.

:: December 19- March 30, 2009 – “The ballet of Body & Soul: Overt elegance and quiet agony,” 3 Archival pigment, graphite and acrylic images at Proof, Santa Ana, California. Thank you Joey for inviting me onto your walls once again.

::January 10- January 28th, 2009 – “EL CUERPO Y EL ALMA” (English: The Body & the Soul), at the PRIMO PIANO (English: “First Floor”) ARTE CONTEMPORANEA GALLERY, Lecce, Italy . I am very proud to have been asked to exhibit my work in this fine gallery in the BEAUTIFUL Lecce. A special thank you to Riccardo Sacquegna of Primo Piano Gallery, who has made it all possible.

:: August 15 – September 10, 2008, “OUTDATED” at the Country Club Chicago Gallery, Chicago, Illinois (1100 N. Damen Avenue). This was a group exhibit comprised entirely of Polaroid film photographs (my contribution was a series of hand manipulated (no camera) Polaroid images). The purpose of “OUTDATED”: To the celebrate the wonder of Polaroid film and to bid it farewell (On February 8th, 2008 of this year Polaroid Corporation announced that it will cease the production of its instant film).

:: July 13 – September 13, 2008, Select Images from “Inanimate Souls” and the “Santora Session” at the Violethour Gallery, Fullerton, California. [link] This Exhibit was presented in conjunction with Violethour’s launch of its avant-garde experiments in interactive multi-media art and performance. Thank you to Haiku & the Divine Candylicious for inviting me into their world.

:: July 5- August 1, 2008, “Sacred Places II” at Memphis at the Santora in Santa Ana, California. Thank you Jule Perlin, David Lee and Diego Velasco for making this exhibit possible, and thank you to all who purchased images to support [link]…a very worthy cause!

:: September 27-30, 2007, Judge for the Fifty-Fifth Annual Bench and Bar Art Exhibit presented in conjunction with the California State Bar Association’s Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California.

:: September 13 – October 4 2007, “Snap to Grid” at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA).

:: August 4-August 30, 2007 – “Sacred Places” and selected other work, at PANGEA, Santa Ana, California.

:: March 20-July 30, 2007 – “Sacred Places” in the Donald P. Kennedy Hall at Chapman University School of Law, Orange, CA.

:: February 1 – February 28, 2007 – A 14 image survey at Pangea in the heart of the Santa Ana Artists Village.

:: October 20 – December 31, 2006 – Featured artist in the inaugural issue of Creative Horizons Online Art Magazine.

:: November 4- November 30, 2006 – “Almas Eternas” (“Timeless Souls”) at the California State University Grand Central Art Center (GCAC) in Santa Ana, California.

:: September 2- October 30, 2006 – a 6 image survey of my recent work displayed at “Proof” in Santa Ana, California.

:: August 19-September 15, 2006 – “DENTRO ME”(English: “INSIDE ME”) at the PRIMO PIANO ARTE CONTEMPORANEA GALLERY, Lecce Italy

:: March 2006 – “More than Mortal” At the Martinez Gallery in the Historic Santora Arts Building, Santa Ana, California. This was a collaborative show involving myself and Candice and Michael Magoski of the Violethour Studio in Fullerton, California.

:: February 2006 – “Explorations” A group show at the “The Seed” gallery, Santa Ana, California. Co-Exhibitors, Bfly, Bernardo Cervantes, Josue Meneses and Harvey Tarango.

:: September 2005 – “Inanimate Souls” A solo show at “Memphis at the Santora,” Santa Ana, California.

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